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Avoid These 5 Moving Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Moving Mistakes

Whether you are relocating to a different town, cross-country, or the opposite side of the globe, moving can be stressful. To ensure a hassle-free move, here are five mistakes you should avoid.

1) Poor planning

Moving is more than just packing your stuff in boxes. It takes time, a lot of time, so you need to plan way ahead of your target date. Start by creating a checklist. Identify which items are essential and which belong in a garage sale.


Book a moving company well in advance especially if your trip falls on a weekend, holiday, or during peak season. Summer is often a hectic time for movers and some companies may not be available during holidays. When picking a time to move, choose off-peak hours so you don’t get stuck in traffic.


Measure your doorways, hallways, and furniture. If you are moving to a smaller space, consider selling or donating your big items.


Ask the trucking company for exact dimensions of available cargo space. Hiring a truck or trailer that cannot fit your bed or sectional is a huge waste of time, energy and money.


Do sporadic packing months ahead and then go full blast weeks before your moving date. You shouldn’t be scrambling with last-minute packing on the morning of your move.


Here’s a quick checklist when planning a move:
· Determine your move-out date
· Count back to eight to ten weeks
· Sort your belongings
· Set a budget
· Hire movers

2) Poor research

Choosing the right moving company is critical. Some may offer a very enticing deal only to charge you more than what was originally quoted.


Ask family and friends for referrals. You can also check with your property manager or real estate agent. The Better Business Bureau is a solid source for reliable moving companies.


Part of your research is finding a company that offers insurance to cover any items that might get lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip. Moving day can be incredibly stressful and you want to feel assured that your valuables are protected if something happens.


Some moving companies offer liability coverage based on the following:
· Total weight of your cargo
· Assessed value of your cargo
· Full cost of replacement

3) Failing to declutter before packing

As mentioned earlier, moving takes careful planning. Do not simply stuff everything into boxes. If you do not declutter first, you may end up paying for more boxes and extra weight that you don’t need.


Moving is the best time to sort through your possessions and get rid of old clothes, gadgets, and items you don’t want to keep. As you pack, toss unwanted items into boxes for selling and donating.

4) Forgetting to pack moving day necessities

So you’ve packed everything and you’re ready to move. Where is your toothbrush? What are you going to wear for the next few days? These are items that you need to pack separately so you don’t need to shuffle through boxes.


Pack your toiletries, some clothes, a first-aid kit, and moving day essentials such as box cutters and screwdrivers into a personal carry-on bag.

5) Stuffing more weight than what a box can hold

Packing too much weight in one box can cause injuries. Put bulky items in small boxes so they are carried alone.


Moving can be a huge expense, and obviously you want to be able to do it with the least amount of money. It doesn’t mean you should hire your brother’s girlfriend’s father-in-law’s truck. Respected companies such as Joe’s Moving will ensure a smooth and safe move from start to finish.

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