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5 Tips for Moving in the Colder Months

5 tips for moving in the winter

Moving during the late fall and winter is not easy. It takes a stressful experience and adds a handful of new and unique challenges to the equation. This is true whether you’re an individual moving from house to house or a business moving locations.

Now, you may think that moving during the winter in Florida is no big deal. This isn’t exactly true. It is certainly less challenging than moving during the winter in, say, Boston. Still, there are factors you need to consider and plan for to ensure a smooth move.

We have put together our top five tips for moving in the colder months. Read on to learn what they are and how you can start implementing them today. Don’t forget to contact us today for a fast and free online quote if you want a little help making the moving process easier!


Start Early in the Day

Whether you’re moving in the snow crowded streets of New York or the sunny avenues of Florida, make sure to start early in the day. This will give you more sunlight and safe hours if you’re moving in inclement weather. If you’re moving in Florida, starting early will give you a chance to avoid congested roads and busy areas.

It is important to pack everything the night before in order to start early in the day. Don’t think you can pack during the first few hours of the day and then move. You will end up wasting precious time.


Be Prepared for Snow

This tip is more for our northern neighbors than those moving in South Florida. Who knows, though, it may snow once again in Miami.

Being prepared for snow means a few different things. First, make sure to shovel your driveway, sidewalks, and a path from your house to the moving vehicle. Then keep a close eye on these paths to make sure they stay clear of snow. Finally, sprinkle some salt over everything to keep ice from forming.


Think About Both Houses

A common mistake that families make when moving is to only prepare the house they’re moving from. They don’t give much thought of planning on how to take care of the house they’re moving to.

In the snow and cold, this means making sure to lay down a protective layer over the floors. In Florida, this means making sure all utilities are turned on at the new house.


Rain, Rain, and More Rain

This tip is for our Florida friends only: don’t underestimate the power of the rain. Much like individuals and businesses in the north prepare for snow, we need to prepare for the rain.

This can take many different forms, but a few smart ideas include: waterproofing your boxes, making sure the moving vehicle is parked somewhere dry, and keeping an eye on large puddles forming between either house and the moving vehicle.


The Busy Season

This is another tip for Floridians only: plan for your winter move being right in the middle of the busy season. While the streets may be empty around the rest of the country, they’re going to be packed here in South Florida. Remember to start moving early in the day, which will help minimize your time in busy traffic.

Make sure check out these packing tips and remember to call us today for all your moving needs!

Tips for Moving to a New State

Tips for Moving to a New State

For whatever reason – whether you have landed a new job in another state or you simply want a change of surroundings – moving to another state can be a very exciting adventure. However, it can also be a daunting and stressful step, especially for big families. For others, moving is an emotional ordeal. It is an emotionally charged phase of your life.

Aside from having to deal with all the stress that these high levels of emotions bring, you have your belongings to consider. Should you take that antique dresser your late grandmother gave to you as a wedding gift? What are the things that you can let go? What are the things that you can bring? How will you move years of memories and investments across the country?

Here are tips to help make your move to a new state be as smooth and stress free as possible, and an enjoyable experience.

  • Create a master plan for your big move.

As with all things, moving to a new state needs careful planning and consideration. Having a plan makes your pre-move activities organized.

How much can you spend and will need to spend for the move? When do you have to be in your new state? What are things that you have to bring? How can you let go of the things that you will not take with you? How will you move your belongings to your new state? It is a good idea to find answers for these questions, and keep a record of them.

  • Get to know your new home before your move.

Assuming you already have found a new home in your new state, get to know your new state before the big move. Use the web to familiarize yourself. Know and notify the service and utility providers that you will need once you have moved in. You do not want to spend your first night at your new home without electricity.

If you have children, research the schools to where they can transfer to. Gathering information ahead of time makes the transition easier for you and your family.

  • Assess your belongings.

Group your things into three categories: Group A – the must haves, Group B- the wanted but not so needed things, and Group C – those that you can let go.

Be ruthless in grouping your belongings. For things that go into Group C, consider holding a yard sale, or donate them to your local Goodwill. Reassess again the things that went into Group B, if they can go into Group C.

Letting go of our paperback novel collections, that sweater you bought eons ago but have not worn for ages, and that pair of thigh high leather boots that you just love but have not actually used can be heartbreaking. But a move can help you declutter and let go of unnecessary things. Remember, less weight means less cost for you.

  • Hire a competent and reputable mover.

The mover you hire can make or break your move. Missing and broken belongings can be a headache. Your mover will help you properly “pack” your furniture, appliances, and breakables, to make sure they are protected in the long journey ahead. Here are some tips in packing and storing your belongings for your big move.

Consider also how you will move your car to your new state. Ask your mover if they have auto transportation, or for recommendation.

  • Pack and group your belongings accordingly.

When packing, be organized as much as possible. Organized packing makes unpacking in your new home easier for you. You can group your belongings by use and which room in the house they go to. Do not forget, your important documents and jewelry will have to travel with you, and not with the movers.

Likewise, do not forget to do the following:

  • Transfer your driver’s license in your new state.
  • Forward your mails to your new address.
  • Cut off all utilities billed to you in your old home.
  • Look for new healthcare providers in your new state.
  • Get your children ready and prepared for their new school.

Moving to Another State? Joe’s Moving Can Help You Make Your Move!

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