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Unique Things to Do in Miami on a Sunday

Unique Things to Do in Miami on a Sunday

Hands down, Miami is one of the best places to unwind. From breathtaking beaches to fun-filled events, this city has something for everyone. Join us as we list some unique things to do in Miami on Sunday Funday.


  •         A Bird’s Eye View

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have a view of the entire city from an awesome vantage point? You can do exactly that with a tour of Miami’s skyline via helicopter. From the luxurious Biscayne Bay to the sprawling Fairchild Gardens, enjoy scenic Miami from up above.


  •         Fast and Furious Miami Style

If you want to hit the road in style, then you’re going to want to check this out in Miami on Sunday.  After viewing iconic European vehicles at the Miami gallery, you have the chance to drive your car of choice through the city itself.  Featured among the selection are the Bentley GTC V8 S, Lamborghini Gallardo Performante, and the Corvette Stingray Z51 among many others.  Enjoy the scenic Key Biscayne and Ocean Drive behind the wheel of the most exotic cars you can imagine.


  •         Havana, Baby!

If you want to experience Cuban culture in all its beauty, head over to Little Havana.  There are many restaurants, specialty shops, and social areas that transport you straight to Cuba. From non-stop Latin music through the streets to entertaining events (particularly at Calle Ocho), this is one place you should visit to turn your Sunday into a Funday.


  •         Celebrate Science

Miami is so fun that the city can even make Science enjoyable and exciting. For a different, unique twist on what to do on Sunday, why not visit the Miami Science Museum? They cover pretty much everything from biology to physics. Your family will love it.


The best thing about the Science Museum is that most of the display are highly interactive. For a informative weekend for the entire family, the Miami Science Museum is your best bet.


  •         One With Nature

One of the best things about Miami is its diverse ecosystem. The Deering Estate at Cutler is a perfect example of this. Its 400+ acres of mangrove forests, salt marshes, and pine habitats are truly nature’s gems. It also has a coastal dune island that guests can explore. There are structures built in 1896 to 1922 as well as an ancient Indian burial ground. The Deering Estate is a great place to spend a weekend in.



Safely Store Your Stuff for a Hassle-Free Miami Trip

From flying via jetpack through air and water at the Miami Bay to enjoying a quiet afternoon in the art district of Wynwood, Miami definitely has a little something for every family member to enjoy.


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Top Tips for Spending Kids Spring Break in Miami

Top Tips for Spending Kids Spring Break in Miami

Miami is a very popular spring break city. Every year thousands of college kids make their way to Miami’s famous beaches for endless parties. It’s also a fun family destination with plenty of attractions for all ages. Here are our top tips on spending spring break with your kids in Miami.


Hit the beach

Miami spring break vacations are always about the beach. There are lots of options to choose from – ranging from expensive private beaches to more affordable stretches of sand.


Some of the best family-friendly beaches in South Florida include:
· North Hollywood Beach Park
· Crandon Park Beach
· Matheson Hammock Park Beach
· North Shore Open Space Park
Hop on a City Tour Bus


Bring the kids along and explore this fun city on your own. Open-top buses will take you to attractions like South Beach, Little Havana, Art Deco District, Coconut Grove, and Villa Vizcaya.


You can also tour places of interest on water while riding a famous Miami duck boat.

Spend a Day at Key West

If your kids are old enough to travel on long road trips, hop on a bus and head out to Key West. An island in the Straits of Florida, Key West is the southernmost tip of the Continental United States.


Key West is famous for its water sports, beaches, and historic sites. Dip your feet in the sand of Smathers Beach or go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or parasailing.


If you are vacationing with your four-legged best friend, the best place to run off-leash and splash around is Dog Beach.


Rest Beach offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Lie on the beach, relax, and enjoy one of the most breathtaking sunrises you’ll ever see.

Visit Art and Science Museums

If the weather is too hot and you want to spend the day indoors, take the kids to the museum for some artsy attractions.

· Pérez Art Museum Miami. At the PAMM, your tour includes a 45-minute tour of the gallery space. All exhibits are open to young children.


· Vizcaya Museum. This unique museum includes an orchidarium, so you’ll be able to view twentieth century European art and architecture together with lush period gardens.


· Miami Children’s Museum. Featuring exhibits for children of all ages – even toddlers – the Miami Children’s Museum is a totally interactive experience that encourages cultural, technological, and artistic learning through exploration and play.


· Miami Science Museum. Kids will love the science and natural history museums, local birds of prey museum, and a terrific planetarium and laser show.

Explore Wildlife, Flora, and Fauna

Before the original Disneyland even opened its gates, American kids were flocking to Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle), Monkey Jungle, and the Miami Seaquarium for their annual vacation.

· Monkey Jungle. This 30-acre wildlife park is home to more than 300 primates. Established in 1935 exclusively for the exhibition and study of endangered monkeys, Monkey Jungle has around 18 different species running loose in their semi-natural habitat.


· Zoo Miami. The largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida, it is also the only sub-tropical zoo in the Continental United States. The unique climate in South Florida makes it possible for Zoo Miami to house a variety of creatures from Asia, Australia, and Africa. You’ll be able to pet and feed selected animals, too.


The 750-acre Zoo Miami is now home to more than 500 animal species – around 40 of which are endangered. A total of 3,000 animals and 1,000 species of trees, palms and other plants can be found at Zoo Miami.


· Miami Seaquarium. Known for its rescue and rehabilitation efforts, the Miami Seaquarium offers a fantastic viewing experience of hundreds of aquatic creatures.


Founded in 1955, this 38-acre oceanarium is one of the oldest in the United States. In addition to exhibits of marine mammals, fish, sharks, sea turtles, birds, reptiles, and manatees, the park hosts overnight camps as well as dolphin, sea lion, and orca shows. Kids can also enjoy a face-to-face encounter with an endangered manatee or watch feeding sessions of 200-pound sharks.

How Joe’s Moving Can Help in Your Next Vacation

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Avoid These 5 Moving Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Moving Mistakes

Whether you are relocating to a different town, cross-country, or the opposite side of the globe, moving can be stressful. To ensure a hassle-free move, here are five mistakes you should avoid.

1) Poor planning

Moving is more than just packing your stuff in boxes. It takes time, a lot of time, so you need to plan way ahead of your target date. Start by creating a checklist. Identify which items are essential and which belong in a garage sale.


Book a moving company well in advance especially if your trip falls on a weekend, holiday, or during peak season. Summer is often a hectic time for movers and some companies may not be available during holidays. When picking a time to move, choose off-peak hours so you don’t get stuck in traffic.


Measure your doorways, hallways, and furniture. If you are moving to a smaller space, consider selling or donating your big items.


Ask the trucking company for exact dimensions of available cargo space. Hiring a truck or trailer that cannot fit your bed or sectional is a huge waste of time, energy and money.


Do sporadic packing months ahead and then go full blast weeks before your moving date. You shouldn’t be scrambling with last-minute packing on the morning of your move.


Here’s a quick checklist when planning a move:
· Determine your move-out date
· Count back to eight to ten weeks
· Sort your belongings
· Set a budget
· Hire movers

2) Poor research

Choosing the right moving company is critical. Some may offer a very enticing deal only to charge you more than what was originally quoted.


Ask family and friends for referrals. You can also check with your property manager or real estate agent. The Better Business Bureau is a solid source for reliable moving companies.


Part of your research is finding a company that offers insurance to cover any items that might get lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip. Moving day can be incredibly stressful and you want to feel assured that your valuables are protected if something happens.


Some moving companies offer liability coverage based on the following:
· Total weight of your cargo
· Assessed value of your cargo
· Full cost of replacement

3) Failing to declutter before packing

As mentioned earlier, moving takes careful planning. Do not simply stuff everything into boxes. If you do not declutter first, you may end up paying for more boxes and extra weight that you don’t need.


Moving is the best time to sort through your possessions and get rid of old clothes, gadgets, and items you don’t want to keep. As you pack, toss unwanted items into boxes for selling and donating.

4) Forgetting to pack moving day necessities

So you’ve packed everything and you’re ready to move. Where is your toothbrush? What are you going to wear for the next few days? These are items that you need to pack separately so you don’t need to shuffle through boxes.


Pack your toiletries, some clothes, a first-aid kit, and moving day essentials such as box cutters and screwdrivers into a personal carry-on bag.

5) Stuffing more weight than what a box can hold

Packing too much weight in one box can cause injuries. Put bulky items in small boxes so they are carried alone.


Moving can be a huge expense, and obviously you want to be able to do it with the least amount of money. It doesn’t mean you should hire your brother’s girlfriend’s father-in-law’s truck. Respected companies such as Joe’s Moving will ensure a smooth and safe move from start to finish.

The Best Miami Gyms for Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

The Best Miami Gyms for your New Year’s Fitness Resolution (1)

If you’ve been in Miami long enough, you’ll know that there are plenty of gyms. Going to the gym is basically a way of life here in South Florida. However, if you are not a gym rat yourself, this could be a bit daunting, especially if you want to improve your health as your New Year’s resolution.

You may want to try out a few gyms or go to a few classes, but you might be overwhelmed by all the options. Don’t sweat just yet – here’s a list of some of the best Miami gyms you may want to go to for your fitness resolution.


  • Legacy Fit


If you really want to stay committed to working out and going to the gym every day, Legacy Fit would be the perfect gym. It is basically a boot camp that will help you get started on fitness and will help you stick to it for good.

You might find difficulty in weight lifting, circuit training, and other workouts the gym offers but you’ll never leave. The team spirit is strong in Legacy Fit. Workouts may be tough but you’ll be encouraged to push forward because of the strong camaraderie.

  • Miami Beach Gym

Miami Beach Gym might be a typical gym but it is less intimidating than taking actual fitness classes. For those who prefer working out on their own, this gym is an ideal place to start.

It has a wide array of equipment that you can try on your own. If you want a bit of guidance, you can get a personal trainer. They also offer fitness classes in case you want to switch it up every now and then. They have a variety of classes ranging from relaxing yoga to heart-pounding spinning.

  • JetSet Pilates

Into strength training and muscle conditioning? JetSet Pilates might be the best for you. They have a complete set of training equipment with motivating instructors who will guide you to your journey to being fit. Pilates may not sound like much for some gym goers; however, this is not your typical Pilates studio. Believe it or not, the difficulty of their workouts is designed to be intense.

  • Element Aqua

If you want to switch it up and try something different for your New Year’s resolution, Element Aqua might be perfect for you. Element Aqua is a fitness center designed for aquatic training. This is so unique and revolutionary because it adds another element of difficulty to your everyday workout. They offer circuit training, cycling, aerobics, and athletic training – all of which are done under water.

  • Beat the Gym

Don’t limit yourself to regular gyms though. There are some workouts offered in different parts of the city. Beat the Gym is one of them.

It is a workout done in different locations. Each location has a beautiful backdrop for you to really enjoy each sweat session. The workouts focus more on bodyweight movements, so it is hassle free. Just bring yourself and you’re all set.

Fulfilling your New Year’s fitness resolution may be difficult but it all boils down to the gym that you prefer. These are just some of the best gyms for you to choose from. Nevertheless, the best gym for you should always be that which can stimulate your interest and motivate you to keep going.

If you are interested in moving to Miami, we can help you out. Joe’s Moving is local to South Florida, and we can assist you. Contact us today for a free quote.

Top Ways to Reorganize Your Home in the New Year

op Ways to Reorganize your Home in the New Year (1)

Top Ways to Reorganize Your Home in the New Year

No matter how chaotic your life has felt for the past year, the start of a new one always presents a new opportunity to reorganize. Your home is the perfect place to start getting things in order. This doesn’t come as a surprise since your things tend to accumulate as the year goes by.

Read below to find some useful tips you can follow to accomplish this task.

  1. Identify the trouble spot in your home.

The first step in reorganizing your home for the New Year is to determine which part badly needs a makeover. Ask yourself which part of your home is the most cluttered or disorganized. This may be your kid’s closet or the garage. This is where you’ll start working.

  1. Get rid of the old items.

If you’re already tired of having a disorganized home, the next thing on your to-do list should be a purge. Allot 1 to 2 days of going through your closets, boxes, shelves, and overstuffed drawers to discard the things that you don’t need anymore.

Your mentality should be: “If I don’t use it, I might as well lose it.” You can donate the items to charity or sell it online. You’ll be surprised at how much space is already available once you’re done.

  1. Schedule your tasks.

Reorganizing can be quite overwhelming especially if you have a lot of items to store. The secret to conquering this herculean task is to break it down into manageable portions.

For example, instead of committing to cleaning the whole laundry room, just settle for 1 to 2 hours of cleaning the cabinets that store the laundry materials. You can deal with the laundry bins a week after. The following week will then be devoted to adding more shelves. By doing little tasks one by one, you will notice that you have already accomplished quite a lot.

  1. Organize to make things easier to access.

Arrange your items in such a way that the things you regularly use are the easiest ones to grab. They should be located at an arm’s length. The ones that you only use once a year should be stored in places that require a ladder.

  1. Make the rooms and furniture in your home work for you.

Are you planning to buy new items? Look for things that respond to your needs and provide additional storage space. For instance, a trunk can be used to store clothes, blankets, and supplies. It can also serve as a coffee table or bench in your room.

The items you already own can also be repurposed. The hutch in the dining room can be transformed into a bookshelf. Just apply a new coat of paint to make it look good as new.

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7 Tips for Relocating your Restaurant

7 Tips for Relocating Your Restaurant

Do you want to increase the revenue of your restaurant? Moving it to a different location just might be the right strategy to turn a bigger profit. A new location can increase visibility and provide a larger space to accommodate more customers.

Since this is a major change for your business, you need to be careful in planning it. Here are 7 tips to ensure that your move will be successful.


  • Pick the perfect location


The new location of your restaurant should give benefits that the previous one did not. You need to go through every possible location to check which one suits your needs.

  • One of the main points to consider is the number of residents living in the area. It needs to have high traffic to ensure you’ll get enough customers.
  • Check that the location is highly visible and accessible on main roads.
  • Check if your present vendors and suppliers can still deliver to your new area. Inform them of your plans concerning moving. If they can’t deliver, then you need to look for new suppliers.



  • Inform your customers


Once you’ve decided where you’re going to move, you need to inform your customers of your plans. You can distribute flyers and newsletters. You can also produce a video to announce that you are moving to a new location. Upload pictures that document your preparations for moving on several social media accounts to keep your customers excited and engaged.


  • Update your restaurant’s online information


Always keep your customers updated by changing your restaurant’s online information. Don’t change them weeks in advance. This might confuse your customers. Change the online information the day of your opening in the new location.


  • Give your customers incentives


If your new location is a bit further than your old one, you need to find a way to motivate your current customers to continue patronizing your business. Offer incentives, freebies, and discounts that will encourage them to go the extra mile to drop by your new location. Make sure that the incentives depend on time so that they’ll visit you as soon as possible.


  • Determine the perfect time to move


Don’t move in a rush. Plan the schedule carefully so that your operations won’t be disrupted, and sales won’t drop drastically. It is highly recommended to move on a weekday. Discuss the matter with your contractors.


  • Prepare your restaurant’s new location


Check that the new location has been thoroughly prepared before you move in. Utilities should already be functioning. You will need to clean the place and get it nice and spotless.


  • Don’t do moving on your own


Moving can cost a lot of money. This is why you need to be careful to prevent any damages and additional costs from happening. Enlisting the help of a professional is sometimes more practical than doing everything by yourself.

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