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4 Things to Do in Miami When Visiting on Business

Things to do in Miami while on Business Trips

Miami is famous for its tourism and its white sandy beaches. Yet there is more to the Magic City; the Miami Metropolitan Area has a gross metropolitan product of more than $257 billion. Businesses from all over the world have branches or headquarters in Miami, and naturally, all of these businesses bring in a multitude of business travelers. While you are down here, there are lots of things to do. We have compiled a list of our 4 favorites.


Florida is famous for its golfing, and the reputation is more than well-earned. There are dozens of golf courses in the tri-county area. Novices and seasoned vets alike delight at the fresh greenery and gorgeous views of South Florida. Different groups can find different price points, and a range of courses means that every golfer plays to their handicap.

Golfing is perfect for business. Its slow pace means you can chat with your partners, and make deals away from the office. Even if you are not going with a group, you can still find a course. Golfing is the perfect way to unwind after a busy week in the office.

2. Catch a Game

Miami loves its sports. Down here, you can find five professional sports teams, of all the major sports. A good number of games are played at night, which provides you the perfect chance to decompress after a busy day. If you are a fan of college athletics, the University of Miami and Florida International University also have games throughout the year.

Watching sports is a great way to network. There is a friendly rivalry component to it when a visitor comes from a different city. When someone is visiting from a different country, they might find the Miami sports scene comforting, as jai alai, soccer, and motor racing can be found in the city.

3.Eat Foreign Food

Miami is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United States, if not the whole world. If you want to try Peruvian ceviche, you can find that. If you want to try traditional Cuban food, you can find that. If you want to try Turkish kebab, you can find that. Leave the pizza at home.

Meal times present natural times to do business. You can discuss the day’s events with a nice glass of wine, and fill your belly after a hard day’s work. When people from Miami want to show that they like someone, they give them food. So if a partner down here is offering to buy you dinner, take it as a good sign.

4.Hit the Beach

Everyone knew this one was coming. Miami and the surrounding area has some of the nicest beaches in the entire world. It seems as if every day in Miami is summer, and the sun shines year-round. It is a rare day when the sky is not totally blue.

All of the other ones have a background of business, but this one is just for you. Relax. After a day of working, there is nowhere better in the world than Miami Beach.  Work on your tan with a beer in your hand, and let the sweet sound of the waves crash into you.

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