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5 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

5 creative ways to declutter your home

Decluttering is not as easy as it sounds. Getting rid of things you have spent years keeping is always difficult. Questions like “What if I’ll need it one of these days?” will start creeping in as soon as you start throwing things out. Stop worrying and start getting creative as we give you these ways to declutter your home.

Do the 90-90 Rule

Ryan Nicodemus does the 90-90 rule to live the minimalist life. Basically, if there is something that he has not used for the last 90 days and does not plan on using it on the next 90, he gets rid of it. This rule will help individuals who have problems getting rid of things because they think they might need it in the future. If you haven’t used it for the last 3 months, chances are you won’t be using it anytime soon either.

Give One Item Away Every Day

This one might be a bit challenging to many people. However, decluttering in one go can be quite a challenge too. Especially if the place contains a lot of things, decluttering might take days or even weeks.

If you are busy, take decluttering one at a time. You can apply the 90-90 Rule too in choosing which item to give away. Next, think of a person who will need it the most. Maybe your aunt needs a new spatula at home? Then give that to her. By giving one item away every day, you will be surprised at how much change it can do to your place.

Do the 12-12-12 Challenge

The 12-12-12 challenge is simple if you follow these steps. First, get yourself 3 boxes and go to a room which needs decluttering. Next, identify 36 items in the room. Then, classify each item whether it is: A) something to throw away, B) something to donate, or C) something to stay. Each category must have 12 items at the end.

You can change your number to a lower one if you think 12 is too hard. However, you can challenge yourself and aim for a higher number to get decluttering done faster.

Ask Yourself Why?

When decluttering a place, start by asking yourself this question: Why do I have this? Many things in our places are there because we bought it for a reason. Maybe we bought those knitting needles because we wanted to start a new hobby. Go back to the time when you bought that item and see if the reason is still relevant now. Did you enjoy knitting? If not, you probably need to get rid of it already.

Do the Four-Box Method

This method is similar to the 12-12-12 method mentioned earlier, but instead of three, you have four categories. Take four boxes with you. One box will be for trash, another one for give away, third box for keep, and the last box for relocate. You need to be disciplined on the task and make sure that all the items placed are properly classified. Aim to have more items in the giveaway box.

Best to Declutter Before Moving

Remember, someone’s trash can become someone else’s treasure. Do not hesitate to give away things that you do not need anymore. Decluttering is the best way to start your preparation to move to a new home.

At Joe’s Moving & Storage Inc., we know how challenging decluttering can be. For the things you don’t want to give away, our company offers warehouses for storage. They’re regularly sanitized and meet the requirements of the Department of Defense to make sure your belongings are safe. For more inquiries about our services, contact us today.

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