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6 Mistakes to Avoid when Relocating Your Business

6 Mistakes to Avoid when Relocating Your Business

Whether you are moving because your business needs to expand or relocate to a better area of the country, the relocation process can be a difficult one as your established customers will need to keep track while getting new customers will require additional efforts. In addition, there are other factors to consider such as the impact on your employees. Here are 6 common mistakes to avoid when you are moving your business.

Failing to Plan

Too many business owners believe that moving only requires a certain amount of planning if any at all before they suddenly realize all the complications caused by not taking some basics into account. For example, moving large equipment, files, office furnishings, and the like takes a professional moving company with large trucks to handle everything in a timely manner. So, take the time to properly plan and consider all the major areas that need to be covered.

Planning the Move Yourself

Unless you run a moving company, you should get assistance from professional corporate movers so that everything is properly covered. They will have their point of view which you do not share so they will see things that you do not. This means accounting for items that you may have overlooked and properly gauging what is needed to move your business according to schedule. By having them assist in planning your move, it can go a lot smoother and more will get accomplished in less time.

Not Hiring a Moving Company

Your employees can handle some of the move, but you should not expect them to handle the heavy stuff. So, hire a moving company instead and let them do the heavy lifting while your employees can handle packing their office supplies into boxes. It will not only do wonders for the company morale but also bring in those who are professionals that can move larger items at a faster pace while maintaining proper safety to ensure that everything goes according to schedule.

Overlooking Sensitive Materials

While most business owners wonder how the desks and computers get moved, it is the sensitive file that includes records of payment, client information, and the cash you keep on hand that will need special attention. They cannot be tossed into the same truck as the office furnishings so you will need to meet with the personnel in charge to see what is needed for them to move the materials properly.

Not Considering Delays

Too many business owners schedule the big moving day without considering a backup plan. What happens if it rains, there is rush hour traffic, a breakdown in one of the moving trucks, and so forth. Your moving plans should account for potential delays to reduce the stress if something should cause a delay. By considering the effect of delays, you can better adjust to the changes.

Failing to Ensure Valuable Materials

A professional moving company will have insurance in case something breaks along the way, but things can become damaged both before the moving company arrives or after they leave. So, anything of value that needs reimbursement in case of repair or replacement should be insured. You can purchase temporary insurance to cover the entire move which protects your finances.

The more you prepare, the better your move will be.  If you need business moving assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. 1-305-888-3963

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