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7 Tips for Relocating your Restaurant

7 Tips for Relocating Your Restaurant

Do you want to increase the revenue of your restaurant? Moving it to a different location just might be the right strategy to turn a bigger profit. A new location can increase visibility and provide a larger space to accommodate more customers.

Since this is a major change for your business, you need to be careful in planning it. Here are 7 tips to ensure that your move will be successful.


  • Pick the perfect location


The new location of your restaurant should give benefits that the previous one did not. You need to go through every possible location to check which one suits your needs.

  • One of the main points to consider is the number of residents living in the area. It needs to have high traffic to ensure you’ll get enough customers.
  • Check that the location is highly visible and accessible on main roads.
  • Check if your present vendors and suppliers can still deliver to your new area. Inform them of your plans concerning moving. If they can’t deliver, then you need to look for new suppliers.



  • Inform your customers


Once you’ve decided where you’re going to move, you need to inform your customers of your plans. You can distribute flyers and newsletters. You can also produce a video to announce that you are moving to a new location. Upload pictures that document your preparations for moving on several social media accounts to keep your customers excited and engaged.


  • Update your restaurant’s online information


Always keep your customers updated by changing your restaurant’s online information. Don’t change them weeks in advance. This might confuse your customers. Change the online information the day of your opening in the new location.


  • Give your customers incentives


If your new location is a bit further than your old one, you need to find a way to motivate your current customers to continue patronizing your business. Offer incentives, freebies, and discounts that will encourage them to go the extra mile to drop by your new location. Make sure that the incentives depend on time so that they’ll visit you as soon as possible.


  • Determine the perfect time to move


Don’t move in a rush. Plan the schedule carefully so that your operations won’t be disrupted, and sales won’t drop drastically. It is highly recommended to move on a weekday. Discuss the matter with your contractors.


  • Prepare your restaurant’s new location


Check that the new location has been thoroughly prepared before you move in. Utilities should already be functioning. You will need to clean the place and get it nice and spotless.


  • Don’t do moving on your own


Moving can cost a lot of money. This is why you need to be careful to prevent any damages and additional costs from happening. Enlisting the help of a professional is sometimes more practical than doing everything by yourself.

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