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Don’t Neglect Your Pet: 5 Helpful Tips for Moving Your Animals

Helpful Tips for Moving Your Animals

Moving is a rough experience for animals. They become agitated when they are placed in a vehicle. This is due to the fact that they are acclimated to an environment where they roam around. Here are some tips you can try to help your pet be at ease with moving.

1. Take your pet with you in the vehicle.

Pets want to be with their owners all the time. If you give them enough attention, traveling to a new home will not be so hard for them.

If you have a dog, make sure to keep a leash on them all the time. Cats normally prefer the security of being inside a crate during travel. You can place a blanket on the carrier so that they will not see their surroundings changing.

2. Keep your pets away from the hustle and bustle of moving.

Reduce the stress of your pets by keeping them in a quiet area while doing preparations. If you cannot leave them at a friend’s house, place them in a bedroom or living area. Make sure that it is secluded and there are few people and not a lot of activity. Provide enough food and water for your pet to keep them satisfied.

3. Pay attention to the special needs of your pet.

Some animals require special attention when being moved. For instance, fish react strongly to stress. Moving can be traumatizing for them if not fatal. They can be transported in short distances using bags filled with their old tank water. If you are traveling a long distance, it is best to give your fish away.

Guinea pigs suffer from moving or being jostled around. Their hearts are particularly sensitive. Make sure they are transported using a warm and comfortable carrier.

4. Maintain your daily routine.

Make sure that you still follow your routine schedule with your pet once you transfer. If he is accustomed to having time to play outdoors, then continue doing so. Use a leash for the first few days to ensure his safety.

If your pet is used to having a doggy door, set one up in your new home. Do not buy new toys anymore. Bring their favorite toys, bed, treats and other familiar items instead. Place them in places where your pet normally finds them in your old home. This will help your pet acclimatize and feel at home faster.

5. Be patient.

Once you have settled in your new home, give your pets a chance to explore their new surroundings. Allow them to sniff around. Do not be too hard on them if they sometimes hide from you. Let them be as long as they know where the litter box and doggy door is located.

Your pets will definitely need some extra loving from you at this phase. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional mover to assist you in moving. This way you will have extra time for your pet. When you need a Miami moving company, we can help.

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