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9 Valuable Tips for First Time Movers

Valuable Tips for First Time Movers

Moving into a new home can be stressful. Ensuring nothing gets left behind and everything is packed properly is overwhelming. If this is your first time moving, chaos may occur if the moving is not properly planned. For a seamless, easy move, keep reading for our top 9 tips for first time movers.

#1: Shed the excess

Make your move a mentally cleansing process. Shed all excess items that you no longer need and take only what is important. Donate old clothes, furniture and any other household items you do not use. The less you have, the less stuff you will need to transfer over. This will allow for a much easier, more efficient packing process.

#2: Organization is key

The best way to make your moving process easier is through careful organizing. Assign categories to each box and stick to it. This is better than sorting between rooms, as you will have a better idea of all you have. For example, if you organize all your coats into one box, you may realize you have way too many. This can help you with the elimination discussed previously.

#3: Give back

Remember that just because you do not use something anymore does not mean no one will. Help those who are less fortunate by donating gently used goods at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Not only will your new home look better, but giving back will make you feel good.

#4: Make some money

 After you are done helping others, help yourself. Make some extra money by selling higher-end or more valuable items. Brand name clothing and accessories or nice furniture are all great options to sell. If you have any valuable antiques or vintage pieces in your closet, those may sell well too. For clothing, check out a local consignment store or Poshmark. Furniture can be sold via Craigslist or AptDeco and specialty items are better off on eBay.

#5: Keep a notepad handy

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. Make the process easier by not letting little details be forgotten. Whether it is on an app on your phone or an old-fashioned yellow notepad, write down anything that needs to be remembered. Whether it is the name of a donation point, where to drop off your cable box or a reminder to pick up extra screws, do not let anything slip your mind.

#6: Stay up to date

Have a calendar nearby and keep track of any upcoming events that are taking place. Remind yourself to call the moving company on Tuesday and buy new sheets on Friday. Writing down important deadlines are a good way to keep organized and make sure nothing is missed.

#7: Change your address

This is something that is often forgotten about until you have been settled into your new home for a few weeks. Change your address a week before you officially move so that you do not have to worry about it later. It will be much more frustrating to have to retrieve mail that went to your old home.

#8: Be creative

 If you have run out of packing paper or bubble wrap, do not fret. Search around your house for other solutions. Items like newspapers, magazines, blankets and old clothes are all viable alternatives to your traditional packaging materials.

#9: Find a trustworthy moving company

The right moving company can transform your moving experience completely. Finding a trustworthy, reliable company can make the process seamless and much easier for all involved. At Joe’s Moving, we know how stressful moving can be for you. Let us help you make it easier by providing you with great workmanship and first-class customer service. Contact us at 800-796-3963.


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