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9 Valuable Tips for First Time Movers

Valuable Tips for First Time Movers

Moving into a new home can be stressful. Ensuring nothing gets left behind and everything is packed properly is overwhelming. If this is your first time moving, chaos may occur if the moving is not properly planned. For a seamless, easy move, keep reading for our top 9 tips for first time movers.

#1: Shed the excess

Make your move a mentally cleansing process. Shed all excess items that you no longer need and take only what is important. Donate old clothes, furniture and any other household items you do not use. The less you have, the less stuff you will need to transfer over. This will allow for a much easier, more efficient packing process.

#2: Organization is key

The best way to make your moving process easier is through careful organizing. Assign categories to each box and stick to it. This is better than sorting between rooms, as you will have a better idea of all you have. For example, if you organize all your coats into one box, you may realize you have way too many. This can help you with the elimination discussed previously.

#3: Give back

Remember that just because you do not use something anymore does not mean no one will. Help those who are less fortunate by donating gently used goods at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Not only will your new home look better, but giving back will make you feel good.

#4: Make some money

 After you are done helping others, help yourself. Make some extra money by selling higher-end or more valuable items. Brand name clothing and accessories or nice furniture are all great options to sell. If you have any valuable antiques or vintage pieces in your closet, those may sell well too. For clothing, check out a local consignment store or Poshmark. Furniture can be sold via Craigslist or AptDeco and specialty items are better off on eBay.

#5: Keep a notepad handy

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. Make the process easier by not letting little details be forgotten. Whether it is on an app on your phone or an old-fashioned yellow notepad, write down anything that needs to be remembered. Whether it is the name of a donation point, where to drop off your cable box or a reminder to pick up extra screws, do not let anything slip your mind.

#6: Stay up to date

Have a calendar nearby and keep track of any upcoming events that are taking place. Remind yourself to call the moving company on Tuesday and buy new sheets on Friday. Writing down important deadlines are a good way to keep organized and make sure nothing is missed.

#7: Change your address

This is something that is often forgotten about until you have been settled into your new home for a few weeks. Change your address a week before you officially move so that you do not have to worry about it later. It will be much more frustrating to have to retrieve mail that went to your old home.

#8: Be creative

 If you have run out of packing paper or bubble wrap, do not fret. Search around your house for other solutions. Items like newspapers, magazines, blankets and old clothes are all viable alternatives to your traditional packaging materials.

#9: Find a trustworthy moving company

The right moving company can transform your moving experience completely. Finding a trustworthy, reliable company can make the process seamless and much easier for all involved. At Joe’s Moving, we know how stressful moving can be for you. Let us help you make it easier by providing you with great workmanship and first-class customer service. Contact us at 800-796-3963.


Miami Fall Events for Families

Miami Fall Events for Families (7)

Living in sunny South Florida, we are practically unaware of season changes. However, the fall season has officially arrived and there are events all over the city that you and your entire family can enjoy. Here is a list of fun events happening in Miami this fall:

South Beach Seafood Festival

The annual South Beach Seafood Festival is back this October. This 5-day event runs from October 17th to the 21st and is expected to attract over 13,000 people. Come taste delicious and fresh seafood from Miami’s most iconic seafood restaurants including Lobster Bar Sea Grille, Rusty Pelican, and Cibo Wine Bar. The event will have live music by iHeart Radio DJs, games, and culinary demos by the Whole Foods Market Culinary Showcase. On Friday, do not miss out on the ultimate VIP chef competition where you will be the judge. Tickets range in price depending on the day you attend. For more information check out their site.

Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Carnival

Halloween is just around the corner. A great way to celebrate with the little ones is to attend the Pumpkin Patch Festival in Coconut Grove. Activities at the carnival include pumpkin decorating, cornstalk mazes, shows, and scarecrow dress ups. This event will only run for two days, from October 21st to the 22nd, so it is important not to miss it. For tickets and information visit the Pumpkin Patch site.


To celebrate this year’s Octoberfest with the adults of the family, head over to Peacock Park in Coconut Grove for Grovetoberfest. This event, also known as the Miami Craft Beer Festival, is happening Saturday, October 14th. There will be over 500 beers to choose from, with the largest selection of craft beer in all of South Florida. The event will feature live music and plenty of games and entertainment. Tickets range in price from $44 for general admission to $89 for VIP tickets. For more information, make sure to check out the official page.


If you are looking for a safe Halloween event to take the kids, look no further. ZooBoo is Miami’s premier Halloween event for kids and families at Zoo Miami. This event will take place on October 28th and 29th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Enjoy trick-or-treating for the kids, costume contests and special performances throughout the day. There will be live music and games with prizes. Kids will also have the chance to see the zoo animals get special Halloween treats of their own. For more information about this fun Halloween event, check out the Zoo Boo site.

Downtown Halloween Block Party

On October 29th, you have to see Downtown’s Halloween Block party on Friday from 3:00 p.m. to on East Flagler Street. There will be activities for kids, including trick-or-treating, arts and crafts, and face painting. Do not forget to come dressed in your Halloween costume to be eligible to participate in the costume contest. For adults, there will be a wide variety of bars participating in the event that will offer special drinks, costume contests, and other activities. At this event, you will also enjoy live music from DJ Laz and other popular Miami DJs throughout the night.

At Joe’s Moving, we are devoted to serving our local community. Joe’s Moving is a family-operated moving company that helps families and companies with their moving needs. If you need professional, local movers, give us a call today.

Don’t Neglect Your Pet: 5 Helpful Tips for Moving Your Animals

Helpful Tips for Moving Your Animals

Moving is a rough experience for animals. They become agitated when they are placed in a vehicle. This is due to the fact that they are acclimated to an environment where they roam around. Here are some tips you can try to help your pet be at ease with moving.

1. Take your pet with you in the vehicle.

Pets want to be with their owners all the time. If you give them enough attention, traveling to a new home will not be so hard for them.

If you have a dog, make sure to keep a leash on them all the time. Cats normally prefer the security of being inside a crate during travel. You can place a blanket on the carrier so that they will not see their surroundings changing.

2. Keep your pets away from the hustle and bustle of moving.

Reduce the stress of your pets by keeping them in a quiet area while doing preparations. If you cannot leave them at a friend’s house, place them in a bedroom or living area. Make sure that it is secluded and there are few people and not a lot of activity. Provide enough food and water for your pet to keep them satisfied.

3. Pay attention to the special needs of your pet.

Some animals require special attention when being moved. For instance, fish react strongly to stress. Moving can be traumatizing for them if not fatal. They can be transported in short distances using bags filled with their old tank water. If you are traveling a long distance, it is best to give your fish away.

Guinea pigs suffer from moving or being jostled around. Their hearts are particularly sensitive. Make sure they are transported using a warm and comfortable carrier.

4. Maintain your daily routine.

Make sure that you still follow your routine schedule with your pet once you transfer. If he is accustomed to having time to play outdoors, then continue doing so. Use a leash for the first few days to ensure his safety.

If your pet is used to having a doggy door, set one up in your new home. Do not buy new toys anymore. Bring their favorite toys, bed, treats and other familiar items instead. Place them in places where your pet normally finds them in your old home. This will help your pet acclimatize and feel at home faster.

5. Be patient.

Once you have settled in your new home, give your pets a chance to explore their new surroundings. Allow them to sniff around. Do not be too hard on them if they sometimes hide from you. Let them be as long as they know where the litter box and doggy door is located.

Your pets will definitely need some extra loving from you at this phase. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional mover to assist you in moving. This way you will have extra time for your pet. When you need a Miami moving company, we can help.

Joe’s Moving and Storage Inc. has more than 40 years of experience in the business. Call us so we can discuss how we can help you out.

Best Golf Courses in Miami

Best Golf Courses in Miami

Miami is home to one of the PGA Tour’s World Golf Championships, the Cadillac Championship, and over 20 premier golf courses. The weather is perfect for a game of golf at any time of the year. If you have recently moved to the city and want to hit the greens, we have compiled a list of the best golf courses in Miami:


Located in the heart of beautiful Coral Gables, the iconic Biltmore hotel is home to an 18-hole championship golf course. This course was designed in 1925 by legend Donald Ross, an award-winning golf designer at the time. The course extends 6,800 yards and is frequently visited by the biggest names in politics and show business. Famous people that have played golf at the Biltmore include former President Clinton, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Tiger Woods, and actor Will Smith.

Crandon Golf

Put your golf skills to the test just minutes away from Downtown Miami at Crandon Golf located on the beautiful island of Key Biscayne. Crandon Golf is a championship 18- hole course that is considered to be one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the city.

Crandon Golf was in the top ten golf courses by Golfweek and was named one of America’s top upscale courses by Golf Digest.


Located inside the Turnberry Isle Resort & Spa in Aventura, the Turnberry golf course claims to be Miami’s most prestigious golf resort in the city. The Soffer and Miller are two 18-hole championship courses redesigned by golf icon Raymond Floyd.

The golf courses are only accessible to Turnberry Isle Resort & Spa guests, so plan a trip to enjoy all of the amenities this place has to offer. Take advantage of the pro shop, private and group lessons, and the professional on-site catering.

National Doral

Just northwest of downtown Miami, you can play a game of golf at the iconic Trump National Doral in one of four uniquely designed courses, including the famous Blue Monster course. If you want to golf late in the evening, the resort offers state of the art LED lights that will allow you to play after the sun goes down.

The resort also offers a short game area for chipping and pitching practice. In addition, True Spec Golf, located on site, can help you find the perfect club to dramatically improve your game.

Normandy Shores

If you want to enjoy Miami Beach with a fun game of golf by the sea, head to Normandy Shores. Normandy Shores is an 18-hole golf course designed by Arthur Hills, a renowned American golf course designer.  

If you want to improve your game, Normandy Shores also offers individual and group lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. Take the little ones as kids play free at Normandy Shores.

At Joe’s Moving, we are proud of our city. If you are moving to Miami, Joe’s Moving can help with your moving needs. Give us a call to speak to a moving expert today.

Tips for Moving to a New State

Tips for Moving to a New State

For whatever reason – whether you have landed a new job in another state or you simply want a change of surroundings – moving to another state can be a very exciting adventure. However, it can also be a daunting and stressful step, especially for big families. For others, moving is an emotional ordeal. It is an emotionally charged phase of your life.

Aside from having to deal with all the stress that these high levels of emotions bring, you have your belongings to consider. Should you take that antique dresser your late grandmother gave to you as a wedding gift? What are the things that you can let go? What are the things that you can bring? How will you move years of memories and investments across the country?

Here are tips to help make your move to a new state be as smooth and stress free as possible, and an enjoyable experience.

  • Create a master plan for your big move.

As with all things, moving to a new state needs careful planning and consideration. Having a plan makes your pre-move activities organized.

How much can you spend and will need to spend for the move? When do you have to be in your new state? What are things that you have to bring? How can you let go of the things that you will not take with you? How will you move your belongings to your new state? It is a good idea to find answers for these questions, and keep a record of them.

  • Get to know your new home before your move.

Assuming you already have found a new home in your new state, get to know your new state before the big move. Use the web to familiarize yourself. Know and notify the service and utility providers that you will need once you have moved in. You do not want to spend your first night at your new home without electricity.

If you have children, research the schools to where they can transfer to. Gathering information ahead of time makes the transition easier for you and your family.

  • Assess your belongings.

Group your things into three categories: Group A – the must haves, Group B- the wanted but not so needed things, and Group C – those that you can let go.

Be ruthless in grouping your belongings. For things that go into Group C, consider holding a yard sale, or donate them to your local Goodwill. Reassess again the things that went into Group B, if they can go into Group C.

Letting go of our paperback novel collections, that sweater you bought eons ago but have not worn for ages, and that pair of thigh high leather boots that you just love but have not actually used can be heartbreaking. But a move can help you declutter and let go of unnecessary things. Remember, less weight means less cost for you.

  • Hire a competent and reputable mover.

The mover you hire can make or break your move. Missing and broken belongings can be a headache. Your mover will help you properly “pack” your furniture, appliances, and breakables, to make sure they are protected in the long journey ahead. Here are some tips in packing and storing your belongings for your big move.

Consider also how you will move your car to your new state. Ask your mover if they have auto transportation, or for recommendation.

  • Pack and group your belongings accordingly.

When packing, be organized as much as possible. Organized packing makes unpacking in your new home easier for you. You can group your belongings by use and which room in the house they go to. Do not forget, your important documents and jewelry will have to travel with you, and not with the movers.

Likewise, do not forget to do the following:

  • Transfer your driver’s license in your new state.
  • Forward your mails to your new address.
  • Cut off all utilities billed to you in your old home.
  • Look for new healthcare providers in your new state.
  • Get your children ready and prepared for their new school.

Moving to Another State? Joe’s Moving Can Help You Make Your Move!

Joe’s Moving is a family-owned and family-operated moving company and has helped many families and companies in their moving needs. We own a large fleet of modern equipment to provide you with impeccable and reliable service. Your belongings are in good hands with Joe’s Moving. Call us at 800 796 3963 for a quick quote and estimate.

Tips for Selling a Home in Miami

Tips for Selling a Home in Miami

Are you planning to sell your home in Miami? With a healthy housing market, Miami homes in good condition sell fast. If you are worried that selling your home is a stressful and long ordeal, read on to get tips that can help you in the process of selling your home in Miami. Follow our tips so you can make selling as efficient and successful as possible.

6 Effective Ways to Sell Your Miami Home

  • Work on your curb appeal.

Before you sell your home, amp up its curb appeal. You only have one shot to make a great first impression to potential buyers who are just passing by. Keep your lawn mowed and neat. Groom shrubberies and trees. Plant some flowering plants.

Paint your fences, and your house as well. Getting the attention of buyers looking for a home is your main goal, so do not hold back and give your home a nice makeover.

  • Declutter your home.

Nobody likes crowded homes and unnecessary clutter. Your house should look as spacious as possible.

Give your prospective buyers a chance to imagine their own belongings and furniture in your home. Clean out your closets and cabinets, clear off the kitchen and the living room, and minimize displays of your favorite collections.

  • Stage your home and post great photos online.

You can hire a home staging expert and a pro photographer. A staging company or expert can bring in furniture and décor to spruce up your home while it is on the market.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of home buyers found their homes on the internet. This is a growing trend that more and more home buyers check first on the internet for potential future homes. Make use of technology. Nothing can spread information faster these days than social media.

  • Make sure that everything is working and functional.

Nobody wants to pay for something that they still need to fix. Anything that still needs fixing also affects your asking price. Fix permanent appliances, faucets, and plumbing, and make sure that door hinges and window locks are all secured and operational.

You will want your buyer to see a properly and regularly maintained home to inspire buyer confidence. Assure future buyers that they are buying a home that is fully functional and operational.

  • Learn the art of waiting.

Do not rush. Wait for the perfect timing to sell your home. An agent will know when the best time is to sell your home at the best reasonable price. Rushing to sell your home puts you at risk of selling at a lower price than your home’s market value. Patience is a virtue when it comes to selling.

  • Price your home right.

If you want your home to sell in a short time, set the right price. You would not want it priced too low, and buyers will not want a house priced too high. You can check Zillow to get an idea on home pricing in Miami, or you can ask the help of a real estate agent.

Are you selling your home and in need of storage for your belongings? Contact Joe’s Moving.

We have over 20,000 square feet of storage facility to help with your storage needs. We will keep the safety of your furniture and belongings. With us, you can have peace of mind that they are in good hands. Call us at 800-796-3963 now.