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Tips for Setting Up Your Miami Home for AirBnB

Tips for Setting Up Your Miami Home for AirBnB —

AirBnB has accommodated more than 60 million people in more than 30,000 cities around the world, according to their statistics. There were about 15.8 million overnight travelers in Miami, from the Miami Herald.  Both of these facts combined means that setting up your home for AirBnB could be quite the investment. Read more tips below.

1.Ask Yourself What You Want

Some people want different outcomes from their rentals. Some owners want to meet some new people and get some extra money now and then. Others want to have a stable secondary source of income. Another group wants AirBnB to be their main source of income. All of these require different time commitments, and come with different initial costs. If you want to get the most from AirBnB, you need to recognize what you want from it.

2. Safety First

This one is important. It is also important to recognize this as a two-way street. The purpose of the profiles is so that everyone is who they say they are. You are letting this person into your home, or your apartment. The site provides you a platform to communicate with your guests, and ask questions. If you are not comfortable with it, you do not have to accept someone.

At the same time, a potential guest would not want to stay in your place if they thought it was unsafe. When you want to travel, you do not go to the dangerous part of town. A potential guest can check which neighborhood you are in, and see the state of your house.

AirBnB handles all of the money. Since this is the case, you know that things will be transparent. Guests are allowed to rate hosts, and hosts are allowed to rate guests. If someone has done something wrong, you can say so. That applies to both you and then.

3. Know the Standards

When you arrive in a hotel room, you expect certain things. For example, you need clean sheets, clean towels, a clean floor, WiFi, etc. None of these items are free, which is something you need to keep in mind. The addition of something as simple as a coffee maker will direct many potential guests to your page.

4. Presentation Matters

When you put a room, house or otherwise on AirBnB you are selling something. People want to see pictures, they want to know exactly what you have and do not have, and they want to see a full fridge. If you click on a hotel’s website, and you see only dark, awful pictures, chances are you are not going to stay there. In the same vein, you need to take nice pictures and put your best foot forward.

5. Know the Law

If you get money from AirBnB and you do not pay taxes on it, you will be in hot water. In certain cities, AirBnB is not covered in leasing agreements. Landlords ought to be informed when you decide to rent out via the site. AirBnB offers certain guarantees for liabilities to hosts, but that is not to say that everything is covered. Look up pertinent laws before you decide to rent.

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