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Top 7 Tips for an International Move

Top 7 Tips for an International Move

51.7%, more than half, of all residents of Miami-Dade County were born in another country according to official US Census Data. We are proud of how open our city is, and we believe that our diversity is our strength. As part of our dedication to the people who want to move here, we are providing a guide to moving internationally.

  1. You Do Not Need Every Item You Have

Generally, if you have more items, it will cost more to move it. Take a good, hard look at everything you own, and ask if you really need it or cannot get it in the country you are moving to. That quilt that Grandma made is irreplaceable, but you can buy a new TV at your destination.

  1. Organize Everything on One List

Moving is a stressful time, and a little bit of organization can go a long way. Try to compile all of the information that you need on one document, and back that document up. It is easy for things to get lost in the maelstrom that is moving, so simplifying is vital.

  1. Create a Checklist of Everything That Needs to Be Done

One of the first things that should go on your one sheet is a list of vital actions to take. Doctor’s appointments, insurance information, and schools’ records need to be obtained. There is a very long list of things you have to do, and going through it methodically will be crucial to a smooth transition.

  1. Label Everything

On your master list, you are going to want to keep a record of every box that you are bringing with you. Labeling all of your boxes with their contents is a good way to understand what you have and what you are missing. Plus, when you unpack, you will know what to unpack first.

  1. Check, Double-Check, and Triple-Check Your Documents

The people at immigration are rarely a forgiving group. Before you depart, you need to know exactly what you will need to present for them. You should be able to find some guides online about what you need to depart your country and what you will need when you arrive. We also recommend backing up these documents. If your copy is a physical copy, it may be a good idea to scan these and store them digitally. Your visa is especially important here.

  1. Storage Is Your Friend

If you are moving short-term, consider putting your furniture in storage. For a move that is fewer than two years, storing your furniture with a company is wise.

  1. Prepare for Culture Shock

In your home country, chances are you have a favorite grocery store or restaurant with your favorite foods. You speak the language of everyone around you, and you know the culture of your hometown inside and out. When you moving to a new country, you are leaving all of that behind. You may need to take language lessons, or talk to someone from that country to understand a little bit more. In some places, showing up to a party two hours late is the norm, while in other it is a grave insult. These are things you need to know.

At Joe’s Moving, we are experts in helping people move internationally. If you have any questions, please let us know. Call us, and our friendly, experienced, and highly-professional staff will help you with your move abroad.

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